Friday, 28 June 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Calgary

The first 7 are from writer, Adrian Brijbassi from the Huffington Post who "wanted to list the great many things to celebrate about Calgary and southern Alberta." As "a reminder of why you should visit, once the water has receded and the restoration has begun." I have added 3 more reasons to visit our great city, even after the flood.

The water has receded and restoration has begun! Plus the Calgary Stampede is just around the corner! 

1. The People
When you first hear the term "Western Hospitality," it's easy to think it's a marketing ploy. If you're a journalist, you will even be keen to disprove the term or at least scrutinize its claim. Travel to Calgary a few times and you realize Western Hospitality is real and it's real because the people of the city take the idea of welcoming visitors to heart. No city of one-million people can match Calgary's level of friendliness and gracious spirit.
Yes, the Stampede is still on! Few massive events live up to their hype the way the Stampede does. It is everything you would expect from a giant, two-week-long celebration -- and then some, as the free pancake breakfasts, early-morning cocktail parties and late-night music concerts combine to bombard you with incentives to come back. The Stampede is the highest-grossing festival in Canada, bringing in more than $170 million in economic activity each year. Its importance to the community is immense and why everything possible will be done to salvage it this year. 
3. The Explosion of Culture
Food. Music. Multicultural festivals. Art. Design. Theatre. Fashion.
Calgary had little -- or none -- of it two decades ago. Now, this fast-growing, oil-rich city has blossomed with all kinds of contemporary flavours, not the least of which is a stellar culinary scene. On the horizon is the promise of even greater cultural importance as the new $135-million National Music Centre facility prepares to open in 2015. 
Stephen Avenue is rich with culture hosting some of Calgary's best Theatre's, restaurants and shopping -The CORE downtown and Chinook Centre in the south are great shopping malls and there are many shops and boutiques on 4th street, 17th avenue, Inglewood and around the city.
4. The History
Too often, Canadians forget about the rich history -- human or otherwise -- we have in this country. In Alberta, that history is brilliantly preserved, whether it's in the Badlands, with the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller and Dinosaur Provincial Park, where 40 dinosaur species have been found, or in the numerous First Nations communities, where visitors can learn about what human life in North America was like 8,000 years ago.
The Glenbow Museum is a must as well!
5. The Landscape
The flooding of the Bow and Elbow rivers won't alter the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, or the resplendence of the auriferous prairies, or the magnificence of the big, blue sky that skims above Alberta, a province whose landscape stands up to any other territory in the world.
6. The Mayor
Canada has no better politician at the moment than Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Capable and conscientious, he is passing this brutal leadership test and there is plenty of reason to believe something extremely positive and fresh will emerge in months ahead thanks to his guidance.
7. The Community Support
This week, evacuation centres said they have more volunteers than they can use, such is the spirit of generosity in this city.
The Calgary Stampede is run largely by volunteer committees. There are 47 such groups and 2,300 total volunteers who annually gather to put on the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. If there is something that needs to be organized, Calgarians will find a way to do it. 
Civic pride is the biggest reason why we know Calgary will come out of this challenging week stronger and more resilient.
8. Food 
Calgary's culinary scene has really stepped up in the last few years with amazing restaurants of all style have popped up all over the city. found that out this spring as Calgary food lovers, food industry workers and chefs combined to bolster their restaurants. More public votes were received from Calgarians than any other city when they put together the Top 50 Restaurants in Canada Guide for 2013. Calgary placed an amazing eight restaurants on the list. Charcut, Model Milk, Muse, Teatro to name a few. I have to shout out my favorites as well Alloy, Anju (restaurant relocating during Stampede 2013), Cibo and Downtown Food. 
9. Weather 
Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in Canada and gets an average of about 2,500 hours of sunshine per year and 333 days of bright sunshine per year. The average temperature in July is around 25 C  - not too hot, not too cool. Perfect for sitting on a patio, enjoying some great food and beverages, relaxing - one of our favorite things to do.
10. Because we need you
Now more than ever Calgary needs the tourism to support local businesses,our economy and we need fun positive visitors to keep our spirits high. The flood was damaging and devastating to many but we are still positive, friendly and have a lot to offer.
The city's community spirit is why we want to encourage everyone to visit Calgary. The economic benefit from your trip will make a difference, but so will your mere presence. For all the care Calgary has shown its guests over the years, perhaps now is the perfect time for those of us watching the disaster from afar to demonstrate that Western Hospitality extends beyond the borders of the city, its province and it's country.
Come here. Do this. Get the T-shirt.
We welcome you with open arms!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Calgary is Strong!

Wow, what an inspiring city full of selfless people. There has been an overwhelming response to volunteering opportunities provided by The City of Calgary and individuals. We felt the need to post the quickest link to being a part of these efforts. And as we are primarily a fashion blog please refer to Brenna's post below regarding what to wear while supporting our city. Let's get dirty Calgary!

~ Phaedra

Monday, 24 June 2013

We Can Do It Calgary!

This weekend brought the first days of Summer. If you live in Alberta it probably didn't feel like it. Our hearts go out all of you affected by the flooding. It was so heart warming to see and hear the stories of Calgarians helping each other out. I saw neighbourhoods banding together to start the clean up. Here are some tips to clean your home after a flood. Some inspiration and what to wear.

Rosie the Riveter


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Calgary Floods

Calgary Floods

What a sad state of affairs. 
From Brenna and I at Styleista we send our love and well wishes to all Calgarians and your family and friends. Below is a link to an interactive map to assist driving if you must leave the house.

Stay dry, stay safe and stay positive.

~ Phaedra

Friday, 21 June 2013

Fringe Swim Wear

With this raining weather it's hard to imagine that we will have sunny days that warrant a great swim suit but have faith! Or maybe sporting one of these is a better option with all of this rain... ;)

Fringe Swim Wear

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

J Crew Grand Opening Party

J Crew Grand Opening Party

J Crew has hit Calgary! The location is on the main level in Chinook Shopping Centre. I had the pleasure of networking and working (as a personal shopper) at this packed party and the crowd was excited and ready to shop. Bloggers, TV personalities and the who's who of Calgary were in attendance. 

The store is polished and verging on preppy, but what makes J Crew stand apart is the styling. The personal shoppers at J Crew are the ones you want to seek out for their knowledge, fashion sense and the ability to wardrobe you head to toe.

It's a must see store!

Lisa Dickson and I at the J Crew Party


Monday, 17 June 2013

Sunny With a Chance of Showers

Sunny With a Chance of Showers

I'm back from Europe fresh from a fabulous experience and some crazy weather! Rain, rain and more rain in Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. Then sun, sun and more sun in Croatia and Italy. From what I have heard Calgary has seen it's fair share of showers here too. The saying "if you don't like the weather...wait 5 minutes" is a statement heard many times during the spring and summer months in our beloved city. Below are suggested must have items to transition through a 'sunny with a chance of showers' kinda day.

Rain or Shine

~ Phaedra

Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer and Stampede Shoe Picks

I was on Breakfast Television again this week featuring some of Summer's hottest shoes for men and women, including some stampede footwear alternatives to traditional cowboy boots. Check out the clip here.  

Summer Shoe Trends

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Florence: Day to Night

Florence: Day to Night

Ciao from Florence, Italy! 

When I think of Italy I think of Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, and Prada. In otherwords the classic designers who have been setting the top trends for the fashion elite and fashion lovers for many years. 

Ok, ok, I also think of vino and pizza!!! Thank goodness Italy is my last stop on this vacation because I am going to enjoy the flavours this glorious country has to offer.

Below is my day to night outfit for Florence.
Florence: Day to Night
Well, it's back to Calgary in a few days and summer in the city! 

~ Phaedra