Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Birchbox Canada Influencer Event with Ania B at Pigeonhole Restaurant

YYC Influncers

We had a wonderful time learning about Birchbox at the event hosted by our good friend Ania B at one of our favourite restaurants Pigeonhole which was just voted Canada's best new restaurant by En Route Magazine!

The spread was AMAZING! With our favourites being Charred Cabbage, Ricotta Dumplings and the Chicken Liver Mousse.

Birchbox is a customized selection of beauty products delivered to you monthly for only $10/month + shipping. It makes the perfect Christmas gift too! Details here.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Winter has shown us it is here again in YYC. The snow started falling last night and kept it up though the night. From inside our homes there is something so cozy about the blanket of white that spreads across the city but when we face the reality we must leave the nest and venture out into the arctic tundra the first thought for many is, what do I put on my feet?!
Here are some stylish options for the fashion conscious. 
Here are some stylish options for the fashion conscious. 
Sperry and Sorel from J. Crew

Pajar from Soft Moc

Ugg (not the usual) from Browns

Stay warm!
XO, Phae

Friday, 20 November 2015

What Not To Wear ~ Winter Fashion Tips

Yes, it’s getting colder. Our fingers and toes, our noses, our lungs, the tiny paws of our fluffy companions on the frosty ground – they all feel it. But despair not! The chill is no reason to creatively strap a blanket to each of your extremities and leave your house solely as “blanket-man” from October to April (in Calgary, we have exactly two seasons); there are ways – ways, I tell you – to celebrate Winter fashion like it’s 1999. Or maybe just like its 2015 and we are reasonable sane people.

Sometimes – blame the cold air infiltrating our brains – we forget the basic no-nos of winter outfit assemblage. No one is perfect – once in a while even I leave the house in some sloppy Uggs and puffy-coat nonsense. However, let me assure you, I will never – never – be caught having committed one of the following horrific acts of fashion depravities. And neither should you. Never. Not even once. Not even if there’s 12 feet of snow, plagues, floods, a shortage of Christmas cookies or any other apocalyptic signs.  Never. Ever.

Let’s begin.

1.  DON’T wear pajamas out of the house. (DUH.)

Sadly, in my twenty-seven or so years on this earth I have had to explain more than once (to adults, I might add) the fact that wearing pajamas outside the house is, quite simply, not okay. I get it, you’re cold. Your sweatpants are cozy and your slippers are a dream. If you could see my face right now you would understand the very important fact that I DON’T CARE GO PUT ON PANTS LIKE THE REST OF US and quit your whining! Seriously!

2. Don’t leave the house looking like an Ice Princess/ Snow Queen / you partake in ice-capades.

Avoid going crazy with the whole fur/leather/bright white winter-princess idea. Fur (or fake fur, if you’re like me) can be worn in moderation! Same with leather – hell – even white leather, sure! Moderation. Winter fashion is the time to incorporate some show-stopper pieces into your #ootds, but I don’t care what season it is; a costume will always look like a costume. And Halloween is over.

3.  Don’t be that Canadian.

C’mon guys. We get made fun of for this! Also, I have to admit that I don’t understand these super humans who are either impervious to cold or just so damn good at hiding what must be considerable discomfort for their love of shorts and sandals they surely belong to some kind of shorts-in-minus30-awareness group.  I feel I speak for us all when I say I’m failing to see the benefit of such activism, so for now, please put on a coat, tough guy.

4.  Don’t revert to looking like a six year old.

Mittens that attach to coats, animal-themed knit-wear (not, like, a tasteful design inspired by nature I’m talking frog- toques, bear onesies, etc.), and two pieces designed to look like pajamas (WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?) – stop it. Just stop. Stop. You are an adult! You have arrived! You made it through the horrors of elementary, middle and high school just to – really? – wear Winnie the Pooh themed matching mitten sweater sets? There must be another way. (There for sure is.)

5. Don’t leave the house wearing every single article of clothing you own at the same time.

There’s a better way to stay warm, I promise you there really is. With science, planning and the miracle of micro-fibers, we can achieve toastiness in a mere two-to-three layers of quality material!  Instead of turning yourself into the pea in The Princess and the Pea, slip into a wool-blend or cashmere sweater, add a scarf and a wind-repelling outer layer, and remember to send me a thank-you card and small gift in the mail (or large gift, I’m not picky) when you meet the human of your dreams at the grocery store, and don’t look like you’ve just escaped the compound.
Yeesh. Sadly, I could go on, but now is the time for cozy slippers (I’m at home, people. Keep up.) a book and a generous glass of wine to wash these troubling images from my mind.
Until next time, stay warm, stay fabulous (stay sane).

Serenity Now.

-Monica Sommerville