Thursday, 13 August 2015

Styleista Does the Cru Juice Cleanse

After a summer of sipping cocktails on patios, indulging in the many delicious restaurants here in Calgary and Stampeding in stead of spinning we figured we had better get our bodies back on track starting with a juice cleanse. We did the Cru Juice "Go Easy" cleanse to rest the system and flood the body with alkalizing and oxidizing nutrients. #realandraw

Go Easy

With 6 delicious, no really actually delicious,  cold pressed juices daily, that are made up of organic raw fruits and veggies and the freshest non-GMO ingredients. This 3 day cleanse is specifically chosen to aid in detoxification, hydration, increase energy and promote healthy skin + hair.

Having both done cleanses that left us hangry (hungry + angry) and nervous to be too far away from a bathroom before, we were pleasantly surprised at how wonderful we felt, during and after the cleanse!

Cleanse Diary

Day 1: 
Brenna ~ "I have to admit that cheated a bit this first day; I started the morning off with a croissant and a latte that my sister-in-law so kindly brought over. I had the first juice at 11 am. I snacked on some cucumber and hummus at 1 pm and then at a BBQ that evening I had 5 bites of salad. Other than that no food just the juices, in order, finishing with the 'Dirty Lemonade' that I couldn't even drink all of because I felt more than satisfied."

Phaedra ~ "Started the day off with the first juice, '#greenjuice', and followed suit until I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and cheated indulging in a vegan slice of pizza and glass of wine. But finished the rest of the day off strong, feeling great."

Day 2:
Brenna ~ "It was a much better start on day 2 for me, and an added bonus was that I lost 2.5 lbs! Had tons of energy and went to a Lagree class. I even got through an early afternoon meeting at Corbeaux Bakehouse. Although the delicious treats were so enticing, I felt so content that I did not indulge! Which is huge for me - I LOVE savoury food! I felt the best on Day 2, lots of energy, very balanced."

Phaedra ~ "Felt great on just juice until 5 pm then we had a Styleista meeting with one of our partners at Barcelona Tavern - where they had 20% off wine so Brenna and I had to indulge in a glass. And then counter that with some 'pseudo sushi' at The Coup - Oopsies!"

Day 3:
Brenna ~ "Juiced it all day feeling most satisfied after the 'Bad Boy Brown'. Aside from being so sore for my class yesterday, I felt great today. Got a little hungry after juice 3 'The OC' so I had a few slices of cucumber with hummus and coasted through the day on the rest of the juice feeling nourished and balanced.

Phaedra ~ "Realized I had lost 1.5 lbs this morning which was a nice surprise. Full on juice day, my favourite is the 'Pumped Up Kicks'. I did feet a little light headed after a super intense spin class at Union Athletica, so I had a small vegan snack. At the end of the day I feel lighter both physically and mentally."

Day 4: Post Cleanse
We both felt so great today, super hydrated and nourished. It was nice to be able to eat again but our appetites were light and we craved healthy food and even more juice. We would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone wanting to detoxify your system quick, easy and in an extremely healthy way!

Cru Juice now has 3 locations, Brigeland, Holt Renfrew (2nd level) and the new flagship off 17th Ave in Mount Royal Village that has a raw food bar.

Holt Renfrew location

Thanks Cru Juice!

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