Friday, 3 May 2013

The Sneaker That Suits You

More and more men seem to be incorporating sneakers into their everyday wardrobes these days. Which is easily doable now that big designers are firmly on board with the trend as well, not just the iconic kicks. There are options available at every price point with styles that straddle the line between sporty and slick. 

Pairing sneakers with a suit is a move we love and a great way to reinvent a suit you already own. But you do need to tread carefully. Consider the following:

• stick with no-frills sneakers in muted colors—black, gray, white, etc. 
• this isn't a conventional nine- to-five look. So go with a slim suit  or a loose-and-easy one.  Not just your basic business suit.
• low-tops only please. High-tops are for rapers and serious fashion junkies.

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