Friday, 11 September 2015

Social Media 'It Girl' - Jessica Stein

We “like” It, and We’re Not The Only Ones:

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Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage)

The jury is out on which is longer: the list of 
places to which Jessica Stein of the blog Tuula 
has travelled, or her legs. This blogger’s
instagram strikes a perfect balance between
showcasing exotic locations, tempting us with
colourful, international breakfasts, and of 
course, Stein’s impeccable less-is-more style. 
Stein’s power resides in her knack for picking
perfectly on-point, classic, versatile pieces 
that will certainly last throughout the season
if not the whole year. Whether it be boyfriend 
jeans, classic trenches with modern edges, or 
simple hippie-inspired tops – you will want all 
the things – even if you can’t wear them on all 
the beaches she does. 

With almost 2 million 
instagram followers, Stein is, in her early 
twenties, considered one of the most 
influential personal style bloggers in her 
native Australia and globally. (Photo credits: 

~ Monica Sommerville

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